App Switcher Manual

App Switcher allows you to create a list of common tasks you do most, and allows you to switch to the specific app via URL schemes.

iOS supports a few internal schemes such as tel:, sms: and other common ones such as mailto: and http:.

iOS application can have optional URL schemes of their own, and many developers have added schemes to their own iOS applications.

This is where App Switcher comes in, it allows you to create tasks that launch URL Schemes, which may be that of the basic ones (such as tel:, sms:, etc..) or that of a iOS application.

The basic structure of a URL scheme is:

The scheme_name tells App Switcher what program launch, and the scheme_params is what is passed into that program when it is launched.

There are many resources online explaining iOS URL schemes, a good site to see is which has a huge list of iOS URL schemes.

The main screen in App Switcher is the Quick Launch page:

In this screen you can: When you select to add a new item the below options will be shown: A list of what you can add is shown, all being URL based schemes with easy add for: Selecting Phone, E-Mail, SMS will show the contact picker and quickly create a URL scheme for that entry for you with the contact selected. If you select URL the ADD/UPDATE screen will be shown.
In this screen select the Name of your item that will be shown in the Quick List and the URL scheme data. You can also click on the image on the top right to change it:
Once you have made your edit hit Add/Update on the top right to add the scheme, and it will appear in your Quick Launch List.

Switch to the Settings tab, and check and set some of the App Switcher customizations. You can do by tapping the "*" button in the setup tab, which will show the options screen:

The options are:

You can also add URL Schemes from external sources such a web pages or e-mail, for a few quick schemes for common apps go to our QUICK URL SCHEME ADD PAGE.